Xconfessions 19

Published on October 6, 2019 by

The 19th volume in the acclaimed XConfessions series.

This most recent chapter is provocative, humorous,sexual and romantic, focusing on female pleasure, couple’s fantasies and fetish. In six newly released erotic adventures set on beautiful beaches in Australia, Spain and other dreamy locations the couples engage in explosive sexual encounters, like an all-girl masturbation, a pup play training session, a tantalising tango class and much more.

As always, we’re moving beyond stereotypes and clichés, offering stunningly unique and sensual erotic films aiming to showcase real sexual power and sensuality, Volume 19 is diverse, engaging and mindful, honoring XConfessions reputation for prioritising performer chemistry, visual aesthetics and tasteful eroticism. Next to 3 films directed by me, you’ll see amazing work from guest directors Michelle Flynn, Von Ferro and Sadie Lune.

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