TheLifeErotic: Mens Room 2

Published on December 23, 2019 by

Model and actress-turned-director Sandra Shine brings us an erotic adventure starring sizzling-hot Stella Cardo. The blue-eyed Russian blonde is at a nightclub. Dressed in a ripped denim micro-miniskirt and black cami-tank, she touches up her lip gloss in the ladies room. Then, in the mood for some naughty fun, she sneaks into the men’s room. She finds herself alone and her hands begin to roam over her curves. She frees her large breasts from her top and bra, stroking the bottle between them as she licks and sucks on the neck. Her puffy nipples are already stiff and deep pink with arousal.

After pouring her remaining beer into a nearby urinal, she hikes up her skirt and plays the bottle over the crotch of her black panties. Then she slips it inside of them to tease her slit, and moans with pleasure. She peels them down to expose her shaved pussy and grinds the smooth green glass against her snatch, then leans back against the wall, angling her hips to hump the bottle before rubbing it over her tits.

Horny, she removes her panties, then slides the neck of the bottle inside of her pussy. The camera shoots her from below, capturing every detail of her gleaming-wet slit, quivering tits and ecstatic face. Her moans and sighs become more urgent as she plows deeper and harder, and she teases her clit with manicured fingers.

Raising one leg up on the urinal, she screws herself deep and slow, her free hand teasing her breasts and then her clit. Soon, she is close to cumming and she bites her lip, reaming her slick pussy – but it isn’t until she squats down, thighs splayed to stretch herself wide open, that her orgasm finally hits. Once again, she pushes the bottleneck inside and climaxes hard around it, screaming in release as her knees clamp together, shaking as they pin her hand and the bottle in place.

However, her erotic escapade is not yet over. Glancing at the urinal, she gets a horny idea – she stands over it then begins to pee like a guy. The first few drops splash on the floor but as she unleashes a strong golden stream, her fingers direct it against the porcelain. Finally satisfied, she mops herself dry, dresses again, then heads back to the bar

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